Frequently Asked Questions

How do the stars work?
Click a person's star to like them. Their star will turn yellow when you click it. If they click your star too, then their star will turn green. A blue star means only one party has star'd the other. A green star means both parties have star'd each other; a conversation is then possible. Magic.
How do the icons work?
The icons function in two ways. Firstly, the icons you select when creating your profile (the icons that describe you) are used to determine if you will be a result for another person's search. You can change your personal icons at any time and however often you like.

Secondly, the icons you select on the "sift" page determine who will appear on your feed. The people at the top of your feed will have more icons matching what you've searched than those farther down. Add or subtract sifting icons by clicking or re-clicking them.
Do all five of my icons have to match someone's search perfectly?
Nope. The more icons you have that match someone's search, the higher up you will appear on their feed – relative to other folks. Say you have only one icon matching someone's search; if there's no one else who has more matching icons, then you will be at the top!
Can I message someone who hasn't star'd me?
Nope. Messaging is available only after both people have starred each other.
Someone is really bugging me, what can I do?

There are two things you can do:

1.) Unstar the person if you haven't already done so (this disables them from chatting with you).

2.) If you visit their profile page, you can press the ignore button (this hides your profile from them to avoid future interactions).

Will I be notified when someone stars or chats with me?
Yes. Sift will send a daily SMS text of any happenings.
Can I use Sift if I don't have an instagram account?
At this time, users need an Instagram account in order to use Sift.
Android is not allowing me to logout of Instagram, what can I do?
This is a known issue, we are working to fix it. Right now the best you can do is close the Sift app completely (press icon to view all apps running, and close Sift), and logging in with a new account.